the lab techs

Vincy Chan - vocals
Him Hui - keys
Jacky Man  - bass
Nicky Tong - guitar
Panho Tim - drums


prototype: an early sample or model built to test a concept or process

tyke: a mischievous small child (or an unpleasant or coarse man)

the prototyke lab excels at dodging the question “what kind of music do you play?” The lab techs’ diverse backgrounds and influences allow them to experiment with a genre-bending musical dialect.

“A music laboratory true to their name.” (AM730, September 2018)
“[the prototyke lab’s] music isn’t merely a mix of Soul/ Jazz/ Pop; it has an undercurrent of something more.” (Initium, November 2018)

prototype: 產品雛型

tyke: 貪玩的小孩(或粗魯的男子)

要怎樣言簡意賅回答「你們玩什麼類型的音樂?」這個問題, the prototyke lab 至今仍然未能參透。the prototyke lab 的成員來自截然不同的背景,在幾個樂種的交叉點探索屬於他們的語言。

「 名副其實,好比一個音樂實驗所。」-AM730

「他們的音樂也不單是 soul / jazz / pop 的合體,也蟄伏著更多不同的元素。」-端傳媒